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Miller Tire Top Quality Used Tire Pricing

Size                        Tread                        Depth                Price
11R22.5                Hwy &                   7/32 & up                 Call
LP22.5                Drive lug                 7/32 & up                 Call

11R24.5                Hwy &                   7/32 & up                Call
LP24.5                Drive Lug                7/32 & up                Call

315/80R22.5                Hwy                7/32 & up                Call

425/65R22.5                 Wide base rib        7/32 & up        Call

255/70R22.5                Hwy                        7/32 & up        Call

10 x 20                Hwy / lug                         5/35 & up        Call
Miller Tire
Cap and Casing Pricing  
Prices subject to change
35.00 for Virgin Casings
8.00 for Junk Tire Fee

Deep rib design provides mileage and protection in regional trailer and drive positions.
11R24.5 & LP24.5        15/32                $ 175.00
11R22.5 & LP22.5         15/32                $ 175.00

Perfect for the long fast haul, deep tread offers great fuel economy. Block design allows element cooling.
11R24.5 & LP24.5        18/32                $ 185.00
11R22.5 & LP22.5        18/32                $ 185.00

Closed Shoulder Lug
Deep tread designed for maximum life for over the road and provides traction for off road.
11R24.5 & LP24.5                                 $ 195.00
11R22.5 & LP22.5                                 $ 195.00

Waste Hauler Lug
For use in severe on/off road slow applications.
11R24.5 & LP24.5                                 $200.00
11R22.5 & LP22.5                                 $ 200.00
Proper Tire Inflation & Why it is

Something unique about a tire is the fact that
it is the component on the vehicle, which is
not attached to the vehicle by nuts and bolts,
screws or welding.

A Tire remains attached to the vehicle ONLY
due to  snug fit of the bead on the rim and the
inflation pressure inside the tire, forcing the
bead firmly against the bevel contour of the
rim and the rim flange.
If the tire loses it's inflation pressure it will
NOT remain attached to the vehicle.

Check your air pressure regularly, and Don't
just thump them, check them with a air
pressure gauge.
Miller Tire
Retreading Is Recycling!